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How to use this site:

  1. Get a "linkbox code" on the register page. A linkbox code is like a username, just that it does not have to be only for you. You can choose which code you want to use and what will be the purpose of this code. Please note that the code is not case sensitive. You can also register multiple codes. For example one personal (secure) code and one public code (e.g. where you can share links with a work-group).
  2. To access a code simply enter it on the main page. If you have chosen to create a secret code enter your password in the password box. Otherwise you can directly access a public code by entering the following - - where example is the code you want to reach. Note that this is only possible for public (not password protected) codes.
  3. Once you are in the desired code directory you can add, delete, favorize (add to your favorites) and edit the links in that code by either clicking the hovering "options" button on the right or the "Options" button in the top menu bar. A click on one of the links redirects you directly to the url in a new tab. If you are adding new links you can, but you don't have to, insert a description, so as to make it easier for others and yourself to see what the link is about.
    In the top-left corner of the front-page you can also QuickAdd links to a code without having to log in, again you can only use this with public codes. However, the quickest and easiest way to add links to a code is by using the lnkbx bookmarklet. Then you can simply browse around the Internet and add links without even leaving the site you are currently on.
  4. Once you have set up a code you can then access it from everywhere in the world.

Share your favorites with others - Collaborate easily with a work-group - Add links at home and have a look at them while you are on the go


What is a Secure code?
A secure code is created automatically when you insert anything in the password box. Secure codes will not be accesible by other users and therefore are only available to persons who know the pass. Also QuickAdd and the lnkbx bookmarklet will not work.
How do I access the options in my linkbox?
Once in your linkbox you can simply click either click the hovering "options" button on the right or the "Options" button in the top menu bar.
I forgot my code or password, how can I access my code?
If you have registered your code with an email address you can go to the Reset page where you can choose to reset your password or get an email with all linked codes.
Is my password protected linkbox code really secure?
Although I have done everything in my power to make secure I cannot guarantee that nobody will access your linkbox.
I found a linkbox that contains questionable links, what do I do?
Please contact the site admin asap!

For any other help please contact the site admin